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There we go, throwing that term “MLS” around again. The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) can be a confusing subject if you’re not privy to the latest and hippest news in the real estate arena. It’s understood that the MLS is a service which lists homes for sale in many different locations. But WHY should you bother listing your home on the MLS? How does it benefit you?

photo courtesy on google images.

photo courtesy of google images.

Well, before the MLS, real estate companies had their own exclusive listing services that sellers had to go through. That exclusivity caused homes to have limited visibility for buyers — making it more difficult to show and sell a home. Companies only had rights to their exclusive listing services, and sellers couldn’t sell or show homes that were not on their specified list. All of these circumstances created a formula for a tough seller’s housing market. 

SO, how does listing a home on the MLS benefit a BUYER?

  • It allows a buyer to have greater access to what is actually on the market
  • Allows buyers to look outside of their designated locale
  • Creates a relationship with a seller
  • Allows for more trusted and reliable service (this way a buyer knows they aren’t getting taken advantage of)

How does listing a home on the MLS benefit a SELLER?

  • Allows for the home that is for sale to be listed in multiple venues, creating a wide exposure
  • This wide exposure will help the home sell FASTER
  • By going through a website like justlistem.com, the flat fee saves sellers thousands of dollars on broker’s commission rates
  • By listing on the MLS, you are no longer tied to a local market — your home is now visible in markets all over the country and the WORLD. 
  • Creates a trusted relationship with buyers

Just List ‘Em provides all those things for a seller at a very reasonable price, and we do all of our business online — saving you time and money. So, if you, or someone you know is looking to sell their home, come to us! We are where the conversation of selling your home begins.