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Congratulations! You’ve finally made the decision to sell your home. It’s been a long road, but you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to sell that home of yours and move on to something bigger and better (or maybe you just are moving to a new city for work). Either way, selling your home can be a big deal and you want it to sell with vigor! 

So, what should you do to prep your home so that it is ready and looking utterly fabulous to potential buyers? (This is what we call “home staging” — think of it like a high school musical, the show can’t go on until the stage is set and ready. A home is the musical and potential buyers are your audience).

A simple, clutter-free living room feels welcoming to potential buyers.

A simple, clutter-free living room feels welcoming to potential buyers.

Step ONE: De-personalize. Even though this is the first step, it can be the most difficult for people. Yes, this means take down those family pictures (especially the ones of your Great-Aunt Mildred), remove trophies, mementos, New Kids on the Block posters, and other various personal knick-knacks. This allows a potential buyer to picture THEMSELVES in the home, not you.

Step TWO: Clear the high-traffic “runway.” Do you have a fabulous couch table? Do you have an armoire in the foyer that you adore? Is there a runner carpet that adds flair to your stairs? Well, hate to say it, but too bad. Get rid of them all. By clearing high-traffic areas of “stuff” makes rooms, hallways, and foyers seem larger. Maximizing space = maximizing selling odds. 

Step THREE: Accentuate your “assets.” Just like you would want to highlight your great cheekbones with blush (for the ladies, of course), you want to highlight the great parts of your home. Do you have a fabulous fireplace, a beautiful bay window, or incredibly detailed, original crown molding? Show those features off! Don’t hide them with curtains, furniture, etc. Let them breathe! Let those assets show and enhance the unique value of your home.

These things can seem stressful, but in the end, they are just one step towards achieving your goal. Keep an open mind and know that you don’t have to throw away any of these things listed above (especially the New Kids poster…), you can just box these things up and hold them in storage until you’re ready to move! 

And when in doubt, bring in another set of eyes (a friend, family member, or coworker). It always helps to have an outsider’s opinion. 

Good luck and happy selling!

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