Let’s face it: the economy stinks. Sure, everyone is saying it. The media is calling the public “Debbie Downers” and “Nancy Negative” and “Paul the Pessimistics” – but frankly, I feel there’s a whole lot more to the situation than we are considering. So right now, opportunities, encouragement, and support are what everyone really needs.

Real Estate CAN help.

Real Estate CAN help.

REALITY: There are people with too much money who don’t know what to do with it. There are people with not enough money who would do anything to get it. Somewhere among each individual struggle there lies a middle ground. Many bridges can be built between the two, but one bridge and opportunity in particular that lies within our society currently is: real estate. IDEA: Real estate investing can, in the end, help to solve the dilemma for the rich and the not-so-rich.

What does this all mean? Well, with the state of the housing market right now, therein lies the unprecedented opportunity to buy a home. TRUTH: It is a buyer’s market. I would say not only is it a buyer’s market, but also among it lies the greatest transfer of wealth in our generation. “How?” You say.

Well, there are several reasons why/how/because:

  1. The rise of short sales and foreclosures. This has led to an unprecedented amount of distressed inventory in the area markets, which has allowed those who previously could not afford a home, to actually consider making that big purchase. It has opened the door to a great influx of first-time-home-buyers. For real estate investors, foreclosures have allowed investors to purchase homes at astonishingly low rates, fix each one up, and then re-list them at a very reasonable price, making the sale a win-win for both buyer AND seller.
  2. The $8,000 tax credit for first-time-home-buyers. This was included in the stimulus package that was passed in February 2009. This tax credit is essentially “FREE MONEY” to ALL first-time-home-buyers. It doesn’t have to be repaid AND it won’t be taxed. WOW. That big chunk of change is extremely motivating and encouraging for those on the fence about buying that first home.
  3. Astonishingly low mortgage rates. Mortgage rates across the country are dropping because banks and mortgage companies want to make sales. This benefits buyers because they are saving a lot of money and it benefits sellers because buyers are snatching up homes faster than ever.

No one wants to sell their home more than the seller themselves. No one wants to buy a home more than the buyer themselves. It’s about connecting the two, bridging the gap, and ultimately, transferring the wealth between individuals. We all know that the market is like a roller-coaster, constantly experiencing it’s ups and downs. It’s important to get involved and participate while the opportunity is there and thriving. 

-Jim Ingersoll