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From acquiring, to investing, to repairing, to staging, to appraising, to inspecting, to putting it on the market, to open houses, to listing, to contracts, to actually selling… the process of investing in and selling a home from start to finish can be confusing and a daunting task. We want to make it easy! We are working with a new home that a private lender has invested his money in to yield a great percentage. We are the experts in the field of home acquisition and investments. This particular home has just been acquired and is in the process of getting repairs and getting ready to go on the market… SO we have decided to do a series of blog entries following this home and it’s investors from the beginning to the day it sells.

 Welcome to WEEK FOUR (the FINAL week) of our entries: the process of investing in real estate from START to FINISH.


Oh man have we had an amazing experience with this latest property!

Okay, here is the rundown on who gets what on this investment:

What WE get:

ALL of the renovations are complete. We bought this property with a DOUBLE exit strategy in mind:

  1. We can rent it for a very positive monthly cash-flow
  2. We can sell it to a first time home buyer and we would get a nice chunk of income at closing

What the HOME BUYER gets:

We have listed this home using Just List ‘Em for $124,900.  A first time home buyer is able to purchase this home for LESS than renting with under $1,000 out of pocket to buy (since we are paying ALL of their closing costs) AND a monthly mortgage payment of around $850 per month.  The home buyer gets a HOUSE with very little out of pocket, a very low monthly payment, and the $8,000 Tax Credit from the Government.

The home owner also gets an affordable, renovated house with a dimensional shingle roof, new heating and air conditioning, 3 BR, 2.5 baths, nice fenced yard with deck and driveway, beautiful refinished hardwood floors, new kitchen appliances, etc. It doesn’t REALLY get any better than that.

What the IRA Investor Gets:

Our IRA investor gets a GREAT yield and is no longer losing money in the stock market.  Once this house sells, the investor wants us to move his money to another house so we can repeat the process again and continue to provide him a great return to his IRA.

Sounds to me like this is a win-win-win TRIPLE win situation. Everyone walks away happy.

Here are some pictures of the FINAL product: 

Living Room

Living Room





GREAT back yard

GREAT back yard

FINAL exterior of the house

FINAL exterior of the house

If YOU or someone you know is interested in this property, partnering with us on an investment, or considering selling your home, let us know. We would LOVE to work with you.


Jim Ingersoll

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