They key to selling your home is marketing, marketing, marketing.  Besides listing it directly to the MLS so that Realtor’s can sell your home you should consider simple ways to let everyone know your home is now for sale.  There are a lot of marketing activities that all help you get your home sold so you can collect the profit on your investment.  I have organized them into sections from basic to advanced.  You should work to incorporate all of these into your marketing efforts to maximize your ability to get your house sold.

 The marketing basics begin with your MLS listing and a house for sale sign.  You can pick up a for sale sign at your local store or buy a more custom sign on the internet at sites like  You should look for a large sign with a solid frame that is easy for passer-by’s to see and read.  Resist the urge to use a very basic for sale sign as this one below.  This is a basic for sale sign in orange and black and does not indicate exactly what is for sale.  It could be a car for sale, a dog or an old tractor for sale, the passer-by’s really have no idea what is for sale.

 Be sure the sign has great contrast and eye pleasing colors such as red and white.  Once you have your sign remember to make sure your phone number stands out boldly.  Place it at the property in a location that can be easily seen as people drive-by your home.  I prefer a sign like this one below:

  In addition to a basic “for sale” I recommend using some home for sale directional signs at any intersection near your home that has significant traffic count.  It is an easy way to let thousands of people driving down a busy road know that a house is now for sale.  You will be surprised to get phone calls from people that work near your home and want to live near where they work.  Below is an example of a directional for sale sign.  A directional style sign is very effective on nearby intersections, especially if there is a lot of traffic.  It is essentially a billboard announcing that your home is now “For Sale.”

 Signs are an easy way to let the people who live and work in the area of your home know that is now For Sale.  Often times relatives will be interested in moving near their family and will scout out your for sale sign and call you for the information.  Neighbors will also call friends hoping to pick their new neighbor.